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Mold in Southwest Florida?
Southwest Florida is sub-topical… which means high humidity during the rainy season.  Mold is everywhere and all you need for mold growth is moisture.  A roof or plumbing leak, an a/c system that breaks down for a short period, an a/c system that has not been maintained, or a thermostat that was set too high in the summer as the tenants traveled elsewhere
Taking an air sample at each a/c system and sending it to the laboratory for analysis is the most reasonable test to determine whether there are any unusual molds or high counts of molds in the home. We use a Zefon sampling pump and Air-O-Cell sampling cassettes for all our mold tests. Zefon leads the industry in quality standards. Test results are back from the lab the next working day.
The only way to know
is to test.

If mold-like-substances are found we can take direct swab samples so that the laboratory can determine the type of mold growing in the home.

Our inspectors are Florida state licensed mold assessors. License numbers MRSA693 and MRSA669.

Our inspectors are certified by the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants.
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